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Lauren Kaori

Lauren Kaori

Composer/Lyric Writer/Singer/Recording Director


Born in Tokyo. Exposed to music at church in her childhood.
Upon graduating from high school, Lauren studied music at the City University of New York.
In the States, Lauren showed her talent singing with well known American gospel singers and as a backing vocal singer.
Started writing songs as a top-liner in 2013 based in Japan.
She has been providing songs to various artists by collaborating with both domestic and international creators.
As a bilingual creator, Lauren works as a recording director (English/Japanese) and also provides lyrics by translating between Japanese and English.

  • TWICE-「Doughnut」「Pieces of Love」「STAY BY MY SIDE」(Lyrics)
  • TWICE- 「BETTER」「POLISH」「Pink Lemonade」(Lyrics, Compose)
  • MAMAMOO- 「Just Believe in Love」「You Don’t Know Me」「Sleep Talk」(Lyric,Compose), 「Starry Night -Japanese ver.-」(Lyrics)
  • LE SSERAFIM-「Choices」(Lyrics)
  • ジャニーズWEST- 「Ya!Hot!Hot!」(Lyrics)
  • OWV- 「Let Go」「Alright」「You」「Na Na Na」「Roar」「Get Away」(Lyrics)
  • INI -「STRIDE」(Lyrics)
  • ラブライブ!(Sunny Passion)-「HOT PASSION!!」「Till Sunrise」(Compose,Lyrics)
  • ラブライブ!-「勇気のカケラ」(Compose)
  • アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ-「愚者の独白」「リフレクトサイン」(Compose)
  • 藍井エイル- 「アイリス」(Compose)
  • L'Antica- 「ラビリンス・レジスタンス」(Compose)
  • Novelbright-「Friends for life」(Lyrics)
  • THE AGUL×竹中雄大(Novelbright)-「Remember I said」(Lyrics)
  • BananaLemon-「KIRAKIRA」「Take a Pic」(Compose,Lyrics)
  • ニックン- 「YOU (English ver.)」「Story of... (Japanese ver.)」「Stay In」「This Christmas Time」(Lyrics)
  • 莉犬 (すとぷり)- 「Rainbow」(Compose, Lyrics)
  • BREAK TIME GIRLS-「Shake it」(Compose)
  • SparQlew-「Dance in the Twilight」(Lyrics)
  • 鈴木みのり- 「One More Step」(Compose)
  • えのぐ-「Love me」(Compose)
  • 悠木碧-「On My Own」(Compose)
  • Jun. K-「Hide and Seek, 1995」「MagritteIn My Room, 2013」(Lyrics)
  • TiA- 「UNTIL YOU COME BACK」(Lyrics)
  • Dream Ami- 「はやく逢いたい」「はやく逢いたい(Acoustic version)」(Compose)
  • 沼倉愛美- 「What you want」(Lyric,Compose)
  • 宇野実彩子 -「Lan-dadi」「Boon」(Compose)
  • AAA- 「MAGIC」(Compose)
  • E-girls- 「Move It!-Dream&anp;E-girls TIME」(Lyric,Compose),「Dance Dance Dance」(Lyrics),「Boom Boom Christmas」(Compose)「Express-Do Your Dance-」(Lyric,Compose)
  • Chuning Candy- 「19 -nineteen-」(Lyrics)
  • U-KISS- 「Stop Sign」(Lyric,Compose)
  • NICHKHUN(From 2PM)- 「Umbrella」(Lyric)
  • Da-iCE- 「君色」(Lyric)
  • 2PM- 「Maybe you are」(Lyric)
  • Dance Earth Party- 「WAVE」(Lyric)
  • GOT7- 「Just right」(Lyric)
  • PINK CRES.- 「エゴイスティック」(Compose)「TOUGH GIRL」(Lyric)
  • Chuning Candy- 「COLOR」(Lyric)
  • May J.- 「Clap!」(Lyric,Compose)
  • GEM-「Tears in the sky」(Compose)
  • CHANSUNG(From 2PM)- 「夜に」(Lyric)
  • JUNHO(From 2PM)- 「時間を超えて」(Lyric)
  • 高垣彩陽-「If」(Compose)
  • 寿美菜子-「Bye Bye Blue」(Lyric,Compose)
  • 96猫-「Chrimson Stain」(Lyric,Compose)
  • 宮脇詩音-「また君に会える日」「#どこでもシェア~girlyparty~」(Compose)
  • 住岡梨奈-「やさしくなれたら」(Compose)